About Us

Who we are


We are Warehouse, Trucking, logistics company operating across North America. 
We provide premier shipping experiences to our clients.

Grace Transport Inc.

We take great pride in our work and in our employees. We strive to give our drivers the best equipment on the road today. We use Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks almost exclusively to power our fleet. Over the years we have come to know and love our industry and understand the importance of fostering relationships with all staff. 

We are proud to:

  • Operate across North America
  • Foster professionalism on the job
  • Enable end-to-end solutions
  • Provide flexible and custom solutions


At Grace Transport Inc. we have a dedicated Safety and Compliance team who are consistently gathering information to assist our fleet be the safest on the road continent wide. We utilize sensor based tools in conjunction with in cab video monitoring on all of our fleet vehicles to ensure safe operation of our equipment.

All of our drivers receive mandatory training in safety and compliance and are stewards of a safe road and yard environment. In the event of non compliance or an issue, our internal review process takes over and we are able to address any potential deficiencies.


  • Fast North American delivery

    Grace Transport Inc. can deliver your goods fast! We have a fleet large enough to accommodate any size, timeframe, or custom needs.

  • A Family Business

    Grace Transport Inc. is a family busy with high expectations for ourselves. There is a reason we're growing even after 28 years on the road! Our success depends on your success and we're prepared to work with you, not just for you.

  • Safety of our Fleet

    We know what goes on our trucks because we maintain every single unit in our fleet. This allows us to exceed industry standards in safety, compliance, and maintenance. We utilize some of the best diagnostic and monitoring tools in the industry to keep your goods on time.