Bulk Transportation Methods

  • Bulk Transportation Methods

    Bulk Transportation Methods

    What is bulk goods transport?

    Tandem B train Bulk

    Tandem Bulk B Train

    Bulk trucking is a type of truck-based shipping service that moves bulk materials from one location to another by road. Any freight is considered bulk freight if the items are not packaged, and generally sold by weight or volume rather than individual pieces. Bulk trucking is often used to transport solids, such as grain or raw materials. The equipment used to transport these materials can be very specialized, causing some bulk carriers to specialize in the transportation of certain materials. Here at Grace Transport we are experts in the Dry Bulk Dump and Walking floor, as well as Dry Bulk Tank industry based in Ontario but operating across Canada and the US.

    The main job of a bulk trucking service is usually to take the transported materials from a production or storage area, such as a grain elevator, to a processing facility. Once there, the truck may

    then take the finished product to another distribution facility where it will eventually be sold to an end user, or it may go out via a more traditional trucking service after being packaged for retail.

    In many cases, the difference between the equipment needed for bulk trucking versus regular trucking is significant. Trucks handling bulk materials must make sure it is completely sealed because the materials are not packaged. These loose materials could be lost very quickly in a traditional semi trailer. Therefore, the trailers used in bulk transportation are more expensive, and usually made out of steel.

    Loading materials in a truck used for bulk materials is usually done differently than with a traditional truck. These often have to be protected from the outside elements and therefore are loaded in completely enclosed containers using hoses, valves, and blowers to control the flow. Grain may be loaded from the top after a truck has driven into a loading area located directly below where the grain will be dropped from.


    Solid bulk goods

    Solid or dry bulk goods are any materials that can be dispatched in the factory itself, mine, field or

     location of origin of the material and generally involving the use of cranes, silos, hoppers or conveyor belts for their stowage. This type of cargo is varied, due to the fact that they could include grains such as soy or wheat, minerals such as coal or bauxite, chemicals such as fertilizers or resins and other elements such as salt, for example.

    If you’re looking for a bulk carrier partner, Grace Transport Inc. would love to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

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